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19-tone trumpet

Very happy to have received a new CD with a piece of mine on it, Man in Blue Suit Thanks Firefighters. Stephen Altoft and Donald Bousted did a great job of commissioning, interpreting, performing, recording and producing another album of … Continue reading

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84ed2 (1): John Cage and Microtonality

Cage’s final period was notable, unsurprisingly, in at least two or three respects: he devised a system of time bracket notation with varying degrees of rigidity and looseness, he entitled his works with a dry, basic numbering system, and three … Continue reading

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Euro MicroFest 2013 – Köln

I have returned to Germany, for the long-term, and my first professional activity was to participate in a microtonal conference in Cologne at the Kunsthochschule für Medien (Arts Academy for Media). The first day featured a musical workshop for participants … Continue reading

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(DA)(NE)S Music Cycle, Slovenia

__I recently played a set of improvised electronic music in a microtonal festival in Maribor, Slovenia. Artistic director Cameron Brobo invited me to share the stage with Asja Grauf and company. __Their performance was a riveting mix of flute and … Continue reading

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BP Article in Montreal

I’m happy to report that an article on the Bohlen-Pierce project, following interviews with my colleagues and me, has been published in Montreal’s arts magazine, <em>La scena musicale.</em> Marc Chénard has written a spot-on summary of where this tuning has … Continue reading

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Carlos alpha on B-P clarinet

Before losing my laptop last week I had begun some comparisions of scales which I’ve wanted to share, so tonight I will attempt to write something using an app on my cheap little smartphone running Android 2.2. I had an … Continue reading

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Bohlen-Pierce Kalimba – Part 3

__Last January I was composing a work in Bohlen-Pierce tuning for clarinet and kalimba. The scale was derived from the only notes available on the kalimba, and from those I found a system of chords that I liked. These topics … Continue reading

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