Title – (collaborator,) instrumentation, (text,) duration, (publisher)

cmc Canadian Music Centre
emsis Éditions musique SISYPHE
For unpublished scores please contact composer.

Chamber Ensemble

Entropy – piano, 15′ emsis
Ki Ko – tenor trombone, text in non-language by composer, 13’ cmc
Love Pounds – drum kit and optional vibraphone accompaniment, 5’ cmc
Pendulum – bass clarinet, 7’ cmc
une voix dans les caneaux – oboe, 2’
Der Zauberzephir – for Bohlen-Pierce tenor clarinet, 7′

Incantations – two bass clarinets, 11′ cmc
Normally Natural – any 2–5 instruments, 6’
November Waves – tenor trombone and violin, 8’

Calypso – two Bohlen-Pierce clarinets, percussion and fixed audio, 9’ cmc

Delusions – string quartet, 10’ cmc

Colour Rondo – vibraphone, celeste, guitar, viola and piano, 10’ cmc
Mini Slur at Art – tuba, vibraphone, guitar, violoncello and piano, 7’ cmc
Monco – bass clarinet, 2 percussion, contrabass and piano, 14′

Marino-Armani – 2 violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass and 2 pianos, 10’ cmc

Suite for Violas, Trombones and Percussion
m3 tenor trombones, 3 percussion and 3 violas, 20’

Large Ensemble

It was the nightingale – SSAA chorus and piano, text in English by Shakespeare, 5’
Parry Sound – arr. for orchestra
m[1010 / alto sax / 4040 (or 4031) / timp, 1 perc / strings], 7’
UPTOWN DOWNTOWN – 3 flutes, 2 percussion, speaking chorus,
mviolin and 2 contrabasses, text in English by composer, 12’


Believe Half – fixed audio, 8′
Soybean Symphony – with producer Steve Wadhams, narrative music-documentary, 13′
Starving in the Midst of Plenty – with composer Michael Tamblyn, fixed audio, 10’
Transportation Transformation in shades of rust
mwith choreographer Annette Urbschat, structured movement-improvisation, 10′

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