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Heinz Bohlen, R.I.P.

Since Herr Bohlen passed away recently I’ve wanted to write something but couldn’t find the words. Sometimes music can express things that words cannot, or would do so only clumsily. Heinz has been in our thoughts lately and I’m so … Continue reading

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Writing Tools

Happy new year! I did entertain the idea of writing on Dec. 31st so that I would have one article for 2015. Alas, it didn’t happen. But I have been writing. Since Oct. 2014 I’ve contributed a chapter for a book and … Continue reading

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I finally saw STOMP and it was fantastic. A production came through Hamburg and I caught the last show, though a little late because of bicycle problems and train problems. As a drummer and someone interested in dance and theatre … Continue reading

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84ed2 (2): George Orwell and Microtonality

In part two we will build a tenuous bridge between the composer John Cage and writer George Orwell. I already started with the banner picture of Cage performing on a TV show called Good Morning Mr. Orwell, from 1984. Orwell, … Continue reading

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84ed2 (1): John Cage and Microtonality

Cage’s final period was notable, unsurprisingly, in at least two or three respects: he devised a system of time bracket notation with varying degrees of rigidity and looseness, he entitled his works with a dry, basic numbering system, and three … Continue reading

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Quick Update

It has been nearly two months since my last post, but I do intend to write articles soon on some of these interesting things I’ve been doing: applying for artist residencies in Canada (one for Bohlen-Pierce tuning, the other for … Continue reading

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Federal Platforms on Canadian Arts

Given that we have a federal election this spring I’ve assembled some links pertinent to arts & culture and the competing parties’ positions toward them. “On April 5, the Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) sent the leaders of the … Continue reading

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