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I finally saw STOMP and it was fantastic. A production came through Hamburg and I caught the last show, though a little late because of bicycle problems and train problems. As a drummer and someone interested in dance and theatre … Continue reading

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Fish Out of Water

__A friend of mine (let’s call him Jimmy) wrote a play which is in rehearsal now. He’s an actor and I was reminded of when we met, when we were both in a play nearly ten years ago. This story … Continue reading

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Theatre in Luebeck

Since returning to Germany I’ve been able to see a few plays, despite not understanding the language yet, and I would like to describe them to you. These are not reviews or criticisms, merely observations by someone who loves theatre … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, John Cage

__To celebrate John Cage’s 100th birthday with you I am wondering what I can share. I just returned from the library, here at the Banff Centre for the Arts, with CDs of his music by Joëlle Léandre and Ninh lê … Continue reading

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Górecki, Brecht and a jazz robot

mmHenryk Górecki, one of my favourite composers, died a few days ago in his native Poland. I discovered his music during my undergrad, early 1990s, and it was very influential. His most famous work is his Symphony of Sorrowful Songs—I … Continue reading

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Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris

mmDuring the night the first snow of the season fell and lay like dust on the mouldering leaves, and I reflected on my recent ghoulish exploration of a famous cemetery in Paris after having dipped down into the city’s underground … Continue reading

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Day of Xenakis

mmHad tea and croissants for breakfast with an audiologist friend, then suggested we visit the Canadian Centre for Architecture to look at sketches by one of my teacher’s teachers, Iannis Xenakis. He was a modernist architect and composer who challenged … Continue reading

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